Strength in greater numbers

As an employer, group insurance is something to seriously consider for your employees. It can make for happier and healthier work environment with simply offering a group policy. This can ensure a better financial, mental and physical health for the members and their families. You could offer a health plan and/or a life policy. Group insurance protects the members as well as yourself. We are here to help you decipher what is affordable and the best option for your business.

Doing well in your business is one thing. Doing well in your business with hard-working, vibrant and content employees is another. One way to show your appreciation for your employees is by offering group coverage. Should they choose to purchase it is up to them,but offering an exceptional policy shows that you actually care about their well-being. Federal law states that it is necessary for small employers to offer group coverage. This consists of your business operating with 2 to 50 full-time employees. If you are looking to grow your business (which most are), consider the basic coverages like group health and life insurance.

This coverage is crucial to your growing business. Reliant Insurance will work with you throughout the years as your needs may change. It is our duty to provide exceptional customer service and policies that you and your employees are content having. We take care of our clients, and size does not matter. Each client, each group, each policy is significant. When disaster strikes, we are there to help and guide you through. With growing pains, we come alongside you to explain the policy choices you have and the benefits you can gain from each. We listen and care for you and your business.If we can give you peace of mind and be your advocate in times of trouble, then we have done our duty.

There are more coverage options than these basic offers. If you have more questions or want to know more, we would love to help you today! Reliant is standing by to protect your family and your memories.